Alfie Templeman über seine EP „Happiness In Liquid Form“, genreübergreifende Songs und neue Projekte | homies: Whatsapp Interview

Alfie Templeman ist ein kleines Musikwunder aus Bedfordshire, England und erst 17 Jahre jung! Bereits mit 7 Jahren griff er zu seinem ersten Instrument und kreiert seitdem Musik. Mit seiner neuen EP „Happiness In Liquid Form“ setzt sich Alfie über Genregrenzen hinweg und vermischt verschiedenste Situationen, Emotionen sowie Up&Downs zu einem harmonischen Gesamtkunstwerk. Im homies: Whatsapp Interview durften wir bereits vor Release mit Alfie über seine EP "Happiness In Liquid Form", neue Projekte und vieles mehr quatschen.
Alfie Templeman Interview

homies: Hi Alfie, how’s today going? What’ve you been up to? And for the few readers who don’t know you yet, how would you describe yourself and your music?

Alfie: Hey, its good thanks! I’ve been listening to music since I woke up. Jamming away helps me find new sounds for my music. I’d describe myself as a kid who is fuelled by making and listening to music. I live and breathe it!

homies: Perfect transition for my next question 😉 I’ve heard, that your career as a musician started with 7 years (7!!!) Can you tell us a bit about your progress so far?

Alfie: Yeah, I started playing instruments when I was 7 because I really loved music. It just naturally connected really well with me. I grew up recording with whatever I could get my hands on and slowly progressed until I decided to release my work in early 2016. After a while I gained more listeners and ended up getting signed 😆

homies: Sounds like a dream for a musician 😀

Alfie: Oh yes! It’s amazing and so fun 🥰

homies: If you have to describe your music with 3 emojis, which ones would you choose?

Alfie: Definitely 🌃🌞🌈

homies: And of course: why did you choose those?

Alfie: I picked a city late at night because I picture my music being played in a city café at night when I make it. The sun, because I also like to make light of things in my songs and mix it with the darker elements of my sound. And rainbows, cause I like them and I think I’m pretty colorful!

homies: So, you want to make music for all occasions? 🙂

Alfie: Yeah, pretty much. I love making different styles and mixing it with new music I’m not as familiar with.

homies: Totally understand! Now moving to your new EP „Happiness In Liquid Form“ – a very personal piece, and some kind of roller coaster ride through your personal emotions. From „Happiness In Liquid Form“ over „I don’t wanna be an obvious guy“ to „My best friend is a killer in disguise“. Can you tell us a bit more about your new EP and the process of formation?

Alfie: Every song on the record to me is a different mind and a different place. I was trying to write from almost 6 different brains and somehow bring everything together. It’s all about different ways you can feel whether it’s up or down and how you can feel them.

homies: Is it also the reason, why you mixed so many genres? From upbeat funk, over pop and indie up to upbeat R’n’B. What was your intention to cope with so many genres and was it difficult to create this (very nice) symbiosis?

Alfie: Yes! It came really naturally because I love so many types of music. I think also now I’ve got a bit older I’m more comfortable in trying new things as both a songwriter and producer.

homies: What kind of music and musicians/bands are you listening to?

Alfie: A lot of acoustic stuff. Bibio, loving, whitney. Also Jinsang, and even City pop like Kingo Hamada and Makoto Mastsushita

homies: Nice! You know Jinsang? I love Affection!
Which substance is for you „Happiness In Liquid Form“?

Alfie: Affection is amazing 😍😍
Coffee is my happiness in liquid form!

homies: Well chosen! After your release, what’s next in your personal life and life as an artist?

Alfie: Work on my album, and have a nice break! Just a lot of writing music really, as it’s what I love doing.

homies: Do you already have ideas of new genres for your album?

Alfie: Yeah a lot of 80s stuff I think. Also a lot of late 70s disco 😎

homies: Really looking forward!
At homies: music & events, the last question is about 5 statements we would like to ask you to complete:

I’m Alfie Templeman and I…

Alfie: I’m Alfie Templeman and I
…can… beatbox
…’m… a fan of chocolate
…have… a cat name max
…play… too many instruments
…’ll…hopefully go to Mars one day 😉

homies: haha good ones! Alfie, it was really a pleasure to e-meet you in this nice & funny interview! Give us a shout out, when you are in Austria for a gig, we will show you some nice places and of course traditional dishes. Have a great day!

Alfie: Pleasure to meet you Fabian! Thank you so much. Will make sure to tell you when I’m in Austria, very excited to go!! Thanks so much once again and have a great day 😄👍🏼

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